Tom Insam

programming languages

Programming languages have grammar. There are languages like perl, where the grammar is composed almost entirely of random '$' and '%' symbols scattered throughout the code. And there's languages like AppleScript, where the grammar is practically english, making it much nicer to read than perl. Hah, perl is often called a 'write-only language', it's so incomprehensible.

But I loathe Applescript, and I think perl is luuurvely. And it's for this exact rule. I can use computers. I'm a geek. And I'm prepared to learn a new grammar. That's fine, and it's a specialist grammar, and programming is like that, I've learnt a heap of these things. But english-like programming languages are confusing. I can speak english. I know how it works. In english, you can rearrange words and have the sentence still make sense. Try doing that in Applescript. Grammars that look like english, but aren't actually english, annoy the hell out of me.