Tom Insam

New shiny thing

I was feeling a lack of toys, so I've acquired an NSLU2. This is a cute little (_really_ little) box that will plug into your external (USB2) harddisks and samba share them across an ethernet. Very nifty. For the most part, setting this stuff up was trivially easy, the only thing that annoyed me was that the box wants to format the drive ext3, so I have to do the juggling dance with a spare external drive and pour data from one to the other repeatedly, and now I'm sitting here watching 220 gigs of data move over the (100 meg) ethernet link, which is dull and slow.

Of course, out-of-the-box toys are never fun enough, and indeed, this thing runs linux and has now been hacked / upgraded / whatever, so I can ssh into it and cron rsyncs of the data to another computer, and it runs mt-daapd so the mp3 collection on it is automatically shared across the network, etc, etc. The important thing to do now is to not mess with it so much that I break it. That would be bad.