Tom Insam

photo gallery

All I want, and I don't feel that this is a lot, is to be able to put photos on my web page from iPhoto. Because writing iPhoto plugins is a pain, this requires me to use either Flickr, which I don't want to (because I'd like to control my own photos, please, and not pay money for it), or php gallery, which has it's own issues for me, mostly that it's written in php.

As a perl (most of the time) programmer, I resent the fact that my web page is increasingly powered by php, but alas that's where all these little toys come from nowadays. I've dabbled in php myself a little now, and it seems like a bearable language, although not one I'd actually want to write serious code in. Of course, with my colo going through.. pain recently, it's tempting to restrict myself to a very simple subset of things, specifically, a subset of the stuff that the main box admin uses, because I know that it works and I don't have to think about it. No more compiling weird perl/C modules on solaris as root with bizarre things tacked onto the end of my library path for me. The other colo has debian on it, which I like, but only 64 megs of memory, which I don't. Hardware (even virtual hardware) sucks.

Of course, having got a gallery, I want to do things like have '5 most recent' pictures on the front page of the site, and this is where things fall down a little. Noone else seems to want to do this stuff - I may end up subscribing to my own RSS feed, syndicating from one bit of my site to another, which seems disgustingly wasteful.