Tom Insam

Blotter 0.7

I discovered Cocoa bindings and verily, they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Not that I'm very fond of sliced bread.

I've re-written Blotter from the ground up to take advantage of them - it's much nicer and more reliable now, although I totally changed the back-end format, so anyone actually using it and wanting to upgrade is in for a shock. I don't think anyone is, though. I mostly wrote it because I saw xPad and didn't really want to pay for something that seemed so trivial..

Anyway, Blotter 0.7 release - it's usable, although unhelpful the first time you start it. I use this app constantly, myself, so I like to think it's reliable. I've certainly never lost data to it. (I'm doomed now, of course.)

Update (about an hour later)

Curses, 0.7.1, with some small fixes.