Tom Insam

Half of all computer users are thieves

Thanks to the sterling work of the Times Online I now know that 54% of all computer users have 'illegally logged on to someone else’s wi-fi connection'. Wow. That's.. a lot of people. Further down the article I find that this statistic comes from Sophos, and some googling (it's really hard to google for '54%' and 'wireless') gets the Exciting Press Release proper.

Where apparently, in an on-line survey (paid for by the Times Online), they asked the single question 'Have you ever used someone else's Wi-Fi connection without their permission?'. And 54% of people said 'Yes'. There's an exciting quote from.. a Sophos employee. And there's a nice

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that this poll is not scientific and is provided for information purposes only. Sophos makes no guarantees about the accuracy of the results other than that they reflect the choices of the users who participated.

Gosh, that was worth making news about, wasn't it?