Tom Insam

Yet Another Shelf Release (0.0.8)

These version numbers are just jumping around randomly now. Well, ok, they're not, but not every version escapes to the world. Anyway, download the new Shelf - this one has an icon! And it now includes Sparkle, so it'll update itself automatically from now on - you can stop visiting my blog every 10 minutes to see if I've released a new version now.

Incidentally, Sparkle is <i>stupidly</i> easy to install - everyone should use it. It's awesome.

I'm going to start keeping a proper ChangeLog now, because I have no idea what's in this version. Better cacheing? I think it'll also use as a source of Clues, so if you're having trouble getting the app to do anything, just open Address Book and look at a card - you're guaranteed to see something.