Tom Insam

Things I learned at DJUGL

I went to DJUGL (pronounced 'juggle') yesterday, to watch tech talks and say hello to people. I learned the following things: (I know! Learning things! At a tech talk!)

  • IPython, an improved Python shell. Does tab-completion, amonst other things. The Django 'shell' command will use it automatically if it's installed.

  • The SEND_BROKEN_LINK_EMAILS setting - sends mail to addresses listed in the MANAGERS config variable when the Django server serves a 404. Not something I particularly want to turn on, but I liked it. I also like the way Django will send mail on every server error. The absolute fastest way to get live crash bugs fixed is to mail all the developers every time they happen.

  • There was some cool middleware that displayed profiling information. Must use it in something.

  • The django-tagging application bears looking into at some point.

Simon has talk notes up.