Tom Insam

iPhone 2.0 calendar app

I like the improvements made to the 2.0 iPhone calendar app. Mostly that the calendars are now copied across as individual calendars with their own colours. But Shawn Blank says that they come across with the same colours as their desktop counterparts, and I'm not finding that to be the case - all my phone calendars are different colours. It's really really confusing to have utterly different event colours on the phone.

Which is pathetic. Already, I'm now finding things that are utterly trivial to be annoying. On any other platform, I'd be astonished that the calendar application worked, let alone that it can keep track of 15 different calendars, sync them perfectly in 2 directions, etc (ok, so maybe I use too many linux handhelds). On the iPhone, I get annoyed that things are a different colour.

Update: From playing with over-the-air sync and mobileme, colours seem to be synched properly if you're using mobileme but not if you're using iTunes to do the sync. Weird.