Tom Insam

iPhone interface conventions

The iPhone has introduced a positively bewildering array of touch-based gestures we now have to learn, and apply in the right places. So far I've seen:

  • tap
  • drag
  • pinch (zooming)
  • two-finger-drag (in a few places, notably the campfire web app)
  • double-tap (Maps, Safari zoom in)
  • two-finger-double-tap (Maps zoom out)
  • swipe (to indicate you want to delete a row in a table)
  • tap-and-hold (typing accents on the keyboard, editing icons on the homescreen and, since the 2.0 software, in Safari and Mail to save an image to the local camera roll).

Chris Heathcote tells me that there is also drag-and-tap - when dragging between two home screens, a tap during the drag will stop it. Not sure if this is an interface or a bug, personally..