Tom Insam

Things my colo does

Been looking into getting rid of my colo. It costs a non-trivial amount of money, and philosophically I rather feel I should be able to exist in the cloud by now.

  • It hosts my SVN repository and clones of some of my git repositories.
  • It serves
  • I run irssi in a screen session as an IRC client. This will be hard to replace.
  • I run some perl-based IRC bots from it.
  • I back up my mail to it using offlineimap
  • Some friends have accounts and host simple web content / mail / irssi sessions on it. If you run a colo, don't give friends accounts ever, for any reason. This one right here is probably the biggest barrier to me getting rid of it. But don't take it personally if that's you..

Things it doesn't do that I'm thankful for

  • Host my mail. Tuffmail rock. But everyone I know already knows this.