Tom Insam

Abuse of Twitter reply behaviour

jerakeen proposal for twitter bot that public announces position changes from, say dopplr.
jerakeen it just says '@blech has just landed in SFO'
jerakeen but flags it as a reply somehow (handwave)
jerakeen so I only see the travel movements of people who I also follow
blech if you went to its page, you'd see everything, surely?
blech so it'd have to be opt-in
blech although depending on how it's fed it'd have to be opt-in anyway
blech still, kind of a nice idea
jerakeen sure, ignore the privacy angle
jerakeen I'm just wondering about clever things you can do with the twitter limited distribution thing
jerakeen also, note that its utility would be _totally_ dependant on twitter not randomly changing things again
jerakeen you can design all sorts of clever things using conceptually very fragile bits of 'API'
jerakeen which twitter can change at any moment.
jerakeen etc etc
blech indeed