Tom Insam

All change

I've been using the nick 'jerakeen' for at least... hmmm... 13 years? A long time, anyway. It was a pretty good name, I think - it's decently unique, quite easy to spell, it's a slightly-obscure and yet nerdy reference, and (crucially) pretty unique; It's been pretty easy to maintain myself as the top google hit for the word.

But that was 10 years ago. For a while now I've considered this whole 'handle' thing quite childish. And there are other Jerakeens now and the mis-addressed twitters and delicious links are getting annoying, not to mention the fact that I'd quite like my work to be associated with me. It's clearly time to do what all the other Serious People have done, and just use my actual name everywhere.

Thus, I'm retiring jerakeen as a nick/handle/whatever it's called. In hindsight, using the same name for myself and my domain was a mistake, so I'm retiring this domain entirely as well. I'm renaming myself on all the services that will safely let me do so, creating new accounts on most services that don't, and just putting up with it on the few services (hi flickr!) that I'm pretty much tied to.

So, the new me can be found as

I'm going to move my web output to the domain, which I've had knocking around unused for a while now. It's in a terribly rough state, but I don't expect I'll break it too much. This gets me a new email address as well, which will probably be the most

This site will obviously stay around. Permalinks are important. But I'm going to bake it out to flat files and retire the terrifying CMS that powers it. Likewise, I assume I'll keep watching the old accounts for a few months in case anything still gets @jerakeen-ed to me. And I'm sure I'll forget things. But in so far as much as you have to pick a line and say 'this is when I'm changing my name'? This is it.