Tom Insam

Some links to iPhone development resources

Various libraries I played with yesterday, collated for my viewing pleasure. Mostly old, of course, but I want them in one place.

JSON-framework, by Stig, an excellent piece of JSON-parsing Objective-C which works perfectly on the iPhone.

Three20 is a useful collection of utility classes extracted from the iPhone facebook app. It had some problems with app rejection due to use of internal calls a while ago, but I presume that this is sorted out now. The latest XCode betas can check your app for this sort of problem before submission apparently anyway.

I had some issues with NSInvalidArgumentException crashes when running apps built with three20 - the trick is apparently to build with the -all_load linker flag. I don't know what this does, but it works.

Finally, this blog post and sample code is an excellent guide to putting not only routes, but quite a lot of other things onto a MapKit view. In the past I’ve used the excellent route-me native iPhone slippy map, but obviously there are some advantages to using the platform native map. I found the apple docs on Annotations confusing, and having a working example helped a lot.