Tom Insam

Android / HTML Simplenote client

Recently I've been bouncing back and forth a lot between Android and iPhone, both platforms now having multiple aspects that I like and multiple aspects that annoy me. In an effort to remove one of the major problems with Android, I've written myself a mobile HTML Simplenote client so I can read my notes when away from the iPhone (simplenote being one of the Killer Apps of the iPhone for me).

It's an HTML5 'app', is as much as android has those. It stores the contents of your notes in local storage, so it's fast, and it'll poll for changes, and it's got caching of files, so it should work if your phone is offline letting you read your notes on an aeroplane or something. If you're weird and want to use it on an iPhone, it works there as well and has proper home screen bookmark support.

Caveats - It's an early hack - this represents a few evenings of work (mostly spent yelling at cache manifests), not a real project. It's also read-only - you can't change notes yet. 90% of my use case is just reading things I've written on the desktop, so it's not likely to gain this ability any time soon either. I don't really care about the ability to edit notes.

Most importantly, because of HTML and cross-domain stuff being what it is, all requests made my this app go to MY server, and I proxy them to the simplenote server. This means that (a) I might be logging your password (I'm not, but you can't prove that), and (b) it all goes over HTTP because I don't have an HTTPS certificate, so someone else can sniff your password.


Anyway. check out the app itself, or have a look at the inevitable github project.