Tom Insam

Pushing web pages to your iPhone

One of the things I saw at the Google IO Event - to demonstrate Android Push events, they had a Chrome extension that would push the currently open web page from the browser to a phone. I want that for my iPhone.

Of course, the iPhone has Push Notifications already. So here's how to do it badly. It's not as slick as the Android version, because I'm not going to write any new software to do it, but it's a lot easier than typing URLs in manually, or emailing them to yourself.

First, install Prowl. Although billed as a Growl client, Prowl is at core just a push notification client with a simple REST API. It costs money. Deal with it. Once installed, go to your settings page and note the 'API key'. Drag this 'send to iPhone' bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar or somewhere, edit the address, and change the APIKEY string at the beginning to your Prowl API key (leave the quotes round it):

send to iPhone

Now clicking the bookmarklet will send the currently open page to your iPhone. Opening it is a bit of a multi-step process, alas - tap 'view' to open the notification in Prowl, then you can tap the URL to open it in Safari. I'm sure someone could write a dedicated app to skip this step, if they wanted to.