Incompetence, Malice and ereading


I’ve been meaning to write about URLs, text and non-web online publishing for a while, but now I don’t have to, because Craig Mod has, and he did it better than I could have done. (He’s also going to get more attention, which is great, because it’s more likely things will change.)

I wonder if there would be scope for an Instapaper ‘engine’ for iPad magazine developers. I’d buy a magazine in digital form if it came bundled as an Instapaper-powered list of articles, each of which tracked if I’d read them, and how far down I’d scrolled, synchronized this state with all my other iOS devices, and had associated images cached locally, and offered convenient ‘tweet this article’ functionality.

A pre-instapapered web edition, basically. Incompetence, Malice and ereading

Published by Tom Insam

programming / london / san francisco / bacon

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