Tom Insam

London again


14 months ago, my fiancé and I moved to Berlin, and it's been pretty awesome, frankly. It's cheap to live, it gets PROPER winters, with SNOW that hangs around for AGES, but the city somehow copes and keeps the trains running, the food is decent, and I can walk to work in 25 minutes if the mood takes me. It's the first place I've lived for any length of time other than London, and it's great.

But alas, stuff ends. For personal reasons, we're moving back to London in the first week of April, leaving behind Berlin, a nice flat, a lot of good friends, and a really decent Thai curry place that I hold an unassailable mayorship on (11 checkins in the last 2 months). We haven't been to London in more than a year now, so this may be a little weird*.

Leaving Berlin also means leaving my job. I'm looking for a new one, ideally one where I can work in a small team, in person, and ship interesting and beautiful things. I'm not too picky about programming language, and I know how to scale things and the sorts of things you haven't thought of yet that'll hurt you. I have a CV and a portfolio and a github repository - all the usual stuff. Contact me if you have anything interesting.

* Looking forward to that first Shepherdess, though.