blech and I were bored, so we played with FileVault. And it’s shiny. As long as you’re on the local machine, it all works transparently. When you have FileVault turned on, your home directory contains a single file, {username}.sparseimage. This is a standard Mac OS X encrypted disk image, certainly I can just mount the […]


Well, in the end, rather than fold my code into CGI::Wiki and its example scripts, Kake has persuaded me to release the thing as an actual module. So, the world now has CGI::Wiki::Formatter::Kwiki and CGI::Wiki::Kwiki. I’m not sure about the name of the latter, but given that is was mostly written as a Kwiki importer […]


I was reading this article on m3u files and decided to scratch one of my long-term itches, building a decent windows playlist on the file server. It’s a.. large collection, so I don’t want to build things on the client end, you see, it takes bloody ages. Up till now, I’ve just created a list of […]

broken tick

I’m releasing another Bot::BasicBot at the moment, to change the semantics of the tick() method. Instead of getting called every 5 seconds, you now need to return a value from the tick() method, and you will be called again in that many seconds. this is waaay more useful than before, but of course it’ll break […]

Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable 0.04 released

Hah, finally I bullied simon into releasing Bot::BasicBot 0.04, allowing me to release a version of Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable that actually installs and builds and works. Thanks, Simon. I’ve bumped the version number to keep in sync with BasicBot, not totally sure why, as I suspect I’ll rapidly overtake it, but I’d like to get >10E-1 at […]


Ah ha! I have a blogroll. Ph33r me. In other news, Template::Plugin::XML::Simple is really nifty. <p class="code"> [% USE blogroll = XML.Simple(‘/export/home/tomi/web/’) %] &lt;p class=header&gt;blogroll&lt;/p&gt; &lt;p&gt; [% FOREACH section = blogroll.body.outline %] &lt;a href="[% section.htmlUrl %]"&gt;[% section.text %]&lt;/a&gt; [% UNLESS loop.last %]&lt;br /&gt;[% END %] [% END %] &lt;/p&gt;

Blogging and Content Management

I’ve been toying with architectures for the Ultimate Content Management Application, a bit of vaporware that’s suffering from Second System Effect before I even come up with a coherent plan, and to do this I’ve been looking at content management systems. Well, ok, I’ve been trying to look at content management systems, because almost everything […]

Blog-Mail convergence

Muttley caused this train of thought. Blame him. Thoughts for a blogging toy Here’s something I might do. Every time I post a blog entry, people on a list could get a mail with the subject, contents, etc, just like I actually just sent the thing to a mailing list. People can reply to the mail, and […]


After much muttering back and forth between blech and I, I have written and released AudioFile::Identify::MusicBrainz. The old MusicBrainz client relied on the C library they distribute, which was silly for something that sent and recieved pure RDF, so a pure-perl implementation was just begging to be written. So, upsides, it works, there’s exactly one sort […]