Tom Insam

So much for CALDAV

Even if my main calendar is a synced CALDAV calendar, I can't put things into it from the iPhone. Creating new calendar entries creates a new calendar on the local machine on the next sync, with the entry in it. To make things worse, this new calendar isn't synced by default, so the entry disappears from the phone, where I added it. So the feature is useless to me - I like being able to create calendar entries on the phone.

On the iPhone home screen:

There’s a trick to replacing the 4 persistent apps in the Dock at the bottom: you cannot drag into the Dock to bump them out of the way; instead you must drag something out of the Dock to make room first, and then you can drag an app into the free space comparison to the black 'tab bar' navigation widgets with the 'edit' mode buttons, which you can't drag icons out of, but dropping new icons on overwrites whatever you dropped them on. Yay consistency.

Not that anyone cares about any more. But I was noodling with it this morning, and it turns out to use a smaller font in its menus than every other app on my system.


Apple Accounting

Interesting reading. Also includes the best explanation I've heard as to why the iPod touch isn't recognised as a subscription, and thus why the upgrades cost money.

Apple probably treats the iPod Touch differently because to treat it as a subscription product, the company might have to separate and announce iPod Touch unit sales numbers, and it does not want to provide that kind of information to its competitors

Suddenly, the iTunes Application store is awash with updates for all my apps. The App Store application on the phone is also reporting updates. For different apps. The App Store application on the phone shows me release notes. The iTunes version doesn't seem to have any way of seeing release notes. The iTunes version keeps complaining that I've bought this app already when downloading updates. And the interface keeps displaying messages about 'purchasing..' which makes me worry that I'm spending money. And the screen shot above isn't exactly reassuring.

And now I've downloaded all these 'updates', I still have the same version numbers of everything on the phone. All the app bundles are the same size. I've downloaded the exact same apps again, except that now iTunes isn't prompting me to download updates any more.

Using the iPhone-based app store actually updates the app. Except that far fewer apps are listed in the iPhone app store than are listed in iTunes.

So, yes. Feels slightly rushed, this.