useful things that rendezvous should be able to do: detect an SMTP server and set or whatever client you’re using to send through it Detect the equivalent of a Domain Server, and add a ‘log onto local server’ option in the login screen that will pull down a profile from a server, so you get workgroup […]


sharpreader – a windows RSS feed reader. Uses .NET, which is all the rage nowadays, apparently. It’s beautiful, easily the best RSS reader I’ve ever seen, and that includes the one I wrote :-). Proper OPML export / import (It’s amazing how meny readers get this wrong), the interface, although slightly hard to figure out makes […]

blech has been on at me recently to finish my half of our evil ‘Wire and string’ project – it’s a cunning, cunning plan which we really should put more effort into. Anyway, here’s a heap of self-congratulation that I’m done, and he should get off his butt and implement the other half. Essentially, the problem […]

the broken desktop metaphor

There was a throw-away comment by Dan Hill in an article on Elite about the desktop metaphor and the workarounds we have to use to make it work. Now, I don’t think exposé is a work-around. I think it’s the most sophisticated window-management system I’ve ever used, it’s lovely. But it does hilight something that’s […]

The Finder Toolbar

The Mac OS X Finder has an interesting toolbar. blech will happily rant about it for hours, and I agree with him, toolbars do not belong on Finder windows. Or at least, not in the icon view Finder windows, and neither of us like the Browse view at all. But that’s missing the point. I’m […]

Web browser features

blech and I have been talking recently about things that web browsers really should do. We both get annoyed when browsers won’t save the state of opened windows (pith helps here for our web browser of choice, but that’s not the point. It should be app-level – Galeon was superb in this respect.), but there’s […]


After much muttering back and forth between blech and I, I have written and released AudioFile::Identify::MusicBrainz. The old MusicBrainz client relied on the C library they distribute, which was silly for something that sent and recieved pure RDF, so a pure-perl implementation was just begging to be written. So, upsides, it works, there’s exactly one sort […]

Blog-Mail convergence

Muttley caused this train of thought. Blame him. Thoughts for a blogging toy Here’s something I might do. Every time I post a blog entry, people on a list could get a mail with the subject, contents, etc, just like I actually just sent the thing to a mailing list. People can reply to the mail, and […]