More UTF8 pain

Does no-one in the world care about non-ASCII characters? It’s pathetic. I’m trying to make HTML form uploads work for files with non-ASCII characters in their names, and I’m hitting the stupidest problems. The main bugbear is mozilla – you can’t upload files with wide characters in their names. At all. Piece of shit. Safari seems […]

safari and password fields

Today I discovered that safari ‘magically’ downgrades latin-1 input in form password fields to their nearest ascii equivalents – typing ‘pásswörd’ into a password box actually submits ‘password’. But you can cut and paste non-ascii in and it works fine. I’m very confused.

tabbed browsing

Dave Hyatt, the insane fool who is the public face of Safari, has actually asked for comments about the UI of Safari. So naturally every single comment and trackback mentions tabbed browsing. Hell, there’s even a comment saying roughly ‘I’ve never used tabbed browsing, but lots of people clearly like it, so they should put […]

Web browser features

blech and I have been talking recently about things that web browsers really should do. We both get annoyed when browsers won’t save the state of opened windows (pith helps here for our web browser of choice, but that’s not the point. It should be app-level – Galeon was superb in this respect.), but there’s […]