NSURL category to return the full path, with trailing slash and query parameters

@implementation NSURL (PathHelper) -(NSString*)fullPathWithQuery; { // getting a path without the trailing slash stripped is annoying. NSString *pathWithPrevervedTrailingSlash = [CFBridgingRelease(CFURLCopyPath((CFURLRef)self)) stringByReplacingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding]; if (self.query) { return [NSString stringWithFormat:@”%@?%@”, pathWithPrevervedTrailingSlash, self.query]; } else { return pathWithPrevervedTrailingSlash; } } @end Might even work…

A usable Shelf release

Right, Shelf has now reached version 0.0.6 – download it (there are newer versions out now – get those). It’s good enough that I’m running it full time now. Thanks to Mark Fowler, it can now pull clues from Firefox, which is a relief. I’ve also added Address Book and iChat support, although the iChat […]


Update (2007/04/13) – DjangoKit got better since, you know. But everyone keeps linking here for some reason… DjangoKit is a framework that will (eventually) allow me to package just about any Django application as a stand-alone MacOS .app. I’ve been noodling with the concept for a while now, but I was finally motivated to do something […]

Flame 0.2.2

A very minor release of Flame – we were too aggressive in de-duping the service list. It’s possible to have more than one service with the same port an IP address, if they have different names. Thanks to Bruce Walker for the bug report.

Blotter / Core Data

Wow, core data is shiny. James re-wrote (the core of) Blotter in 10 minutes using it, so after a bit of polish, I have a 0.9 release, written in pure ObjC/Core Data. Alas, you need 10.4 to run it, and XCode 2.1 to build it (an 800 meg download! ow) but that’s the cutting-edge future […]

Blotter 0.7

I discovered Cocoa bindings and verily, they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Not that I’m very fond of sliced bread. I’ve re-written Blotter from the ground up to take advantage of them – it’s much nicer and more reliable now, although I totally changed the back-end format, so anyone actually using it and wanting […]

Flame 0.1

Finally, we have a public release of Flame. Getting this out the door has taken a while, but I’m very happy with it’s current state, so let’s see what the rest of the world thinks.. I have a project page here but the ‘real’ app page for linking is the husk.org one.

Cool apps and Cocoa

I like this James Duncan Davidson article because it provides a lovely counterpoint to the ‘the mac is a much smaller market, so you’ll never make as much profit’: In a conversation with Rich last night, one point kept coming up: If he did his application for Windows, he would have to have a larger team […]

London Perl Workshop talk

I gave a talk today at the London Perl Workshop, brilliantly organised by a shadowy cabal of mysterious figures. Every talk I saw was great, to the point that the inevitable clashes with other talks that I wanted to see were really annoying, but fortunately everything was filmed, so presumably there’ll be video of the […]