More Flickr vs Instagram

As a follow up from an earlier piece: The Google Trends lines for Flickr and Instagram have finally crossed. I think it’s a pity. There are tools around Flickr that I’d like to build that I’m probably not going to, because I don’t have any faith in it still being around in a year’s time. […]


What this means: You can’t pin photos marked as private You can’t pin photos that are marked as being for adult audiences only You can’t pin photos where the Flickr user has explicitly disabled sharing Photos not in one of these three categories can be pinned. — Aaron Hockley Pinterest is requiring sites to individually […]

favset builds a set of favourites

Paul Mison wrote a nice tool: For a long time, I’ve maintained a set called Your Favourites on Flickr, which contains those photos that lots of people have marked as, well, a favourite. [..] Of course, it would be nice if this had a web interface, and if it offered to let you choose a […]

Syndicating GeoRSS

Maybe I talk to Aaron too much, but I’m obsessed with geodata this week. So today the crazy mess of code that is understands lat/longs on pages, and presents little ‘has a location’ links next to the tags (I’ve tagged this one with ‘where I’m sitting’ as an example). When I syndicate flickr photos, […]