Apple Wireless Keyboard

Recently, thanks to the useful Matt Patterson (Matt, have I paid you yet?) I acquired an Apple Wireless Keyboard. We’d just moved to a new office, thus a new desk, and for the first time in ages I found myself uncomfortable when typing. For years now I’ve worked directly on the laptop screen and keyboard, […]

It’s the iPhone 3G

I guess I may as well write down my few thoughts on this iPhone thing. On O2’s offer to existing customers To thank you for being an iPhone fan, we’re offering you an early upgrade to the brand new version when it launches on 11th July 2008. You won’t have to wait until the end of your […]

bluetooth is teh shiny

Today’s shiny toy is BluePhoneElite, which sits on the lappy and talks to the phone via bluetooth. It does the usual proximity stuff – lock the screen when the phone goes out of range, pause iTunes and display bezels when there’s an incoming call (which is great when the phone is set to silent mode […]

Humax PVR 8000T

Again, in the ‘new shiny things‘ category, I have got myself a Humax PVR 8000T – it’s a Freeview box with an 80gig PVR built-into it, and was recommended by a friend of mine who knows about these things. I think I quite like it. Going from 5-channel terrestrial to lots-of-channels plus time-shifting plus an […]

More on the NSLU2

Well, having played with a real linux distro on the NSLU2 for a while, I’ve reverted it to the stock firmware. It’s now nothing smarter than a disk-sharing box. Sure, it was cute being able to do these interesting things with it, but after a while you realise that you never actually ssh into it, […]

New shiny thing

I was feeling a lack of toys, so I’ve acquired an NSLU2. This is a cute little (_really_ little) box that will plug into your external (USB2) harddisks and samba share them across an ethernet. Very nifty. For the most part, setting this stuff up was trivially easy, the only thing that annoyed me was […]