Reversed Scrolling

After having used it for a few months, I’m gradually begining to think that the reversed scroll direction in MacOS is a bad thing. Or at least, an annoying thing. Partially, this is because my cursor keys are now backwards – pushing down on my cursor key scrolls a web page in the opposite direction […]

Launchbar 5.1

Adds support for indexing Google Chrome bookmarks and history — Launchbar 5.1 release notes Launchbar is the piece of software on my machine that I notice the least and use the most. I cannot use my computer without it, and get confused on other poeple’s macs when I can’t run applications any more. Until today, […]

Sublime Text 2 for Mac command-line tool

I’m playing with various different text editors again for a bit – I’m sure there must be something better than Textmate, but I’ve never found it. Paul pointed me at Sublime Text 2 which has an (alpha) Mac client, so I’m playing with that for a couple of days. It has the two features I […]

TextMate tab-switching keyboard shortcuts

In a recent update, TextMate changed the next/previous tab switching keyboard shortcuts to match the ones that Safari uses: [CHANGED] Change next/previous file tab key equivalents to shift command [ and ]. This has become the de facto standard. If you use a European keyboard, these are now awful defaults – ⌥⌘8 and ⌥⌘9. I […]

Creator codes now dead

Thus, an application in Snow Leopard cannot use a creator code attached to a document to bind that document to itself. Snow Leopard Snubs Document Creator Codes Well, as far as I’m concerned, good. I don’t think I’ve opened a document by double-clicking on it in years – the unpredictability of ‘which of the 4 […]

Released Shelf 0.0.12

Another week, another Shelf release – this one is 0.0.12 – read the release notes or download the binary. Loads of stuff in this one, but muttley may like the fact that you can now turn off the background poller and have Shelf look for context only when you hit a global shortcut key. This […]

Released Shelf 0.0.11

So, I have a new release of Shelf, having finally been inspired to put a bit of effort into the scary refactorings I was putting off. It’s internally much better than the last one, though I still have places I can take it. Feature-wise, it’s only a little better, though. Feeds look nicer. It should […]

Yet Another Shelf Release (0.0.8)

These version numbers are just jumping around randomly now. Well, ok, they’re not, but not every version escapes to the world. Anyway, download the new Shelf – this one has an icon! And it now includes Sparkle, so it’ll update itself automatically from now on – you can stop visiting my blog every 10 minutes […]