I bake a lot of my site – everything except the blog, in fact, which is hosted on Tumblr. I do, however, also pull all the blog pages down and render them to another domain, as an emergency “Tumblr has died again” measure. I can repoint a DNS record and I’m entirely stand-alone. In theory. […]

Tools for the management of content

For movieos, I’m going to try to avoid building anything like the terrifying custom CMS that powered jerakeen.org, because, although writing web apps is what I do, I’ve always felt terribly hampered by the power of the thing. Once you have a custom CMS, it’s so easy to add more features to it. Every feature […]

All change

I’ve been using the nick ‘jerakeen’ for at least… hmmm… 13 years? A long time, anyway. It was a pretty good name, I think – it’s decently unique, quite easy to spell, it’s a slightly-obscure and yet nerdy reference, and (crucially) pretty unique; It’s been pretty easy to maintain myself as the top google hit […]

Syndicating GeoRSS

Maybe I talk to Aaron too much, but I’m obsessed with geodata this week. So today the crazy mess of code that is jerakeen.org understands lat/longs on pages, and presents little ‘has a location’ links next to the tags (I’ve tagged this one with ‘where I’m sitting’ as an example). When I syndicate flickr photos, […]