Perl DateTime objects, time zones, and ISO8601

Here’s what I want to do. DateTime objects conveniently stringify to their ISO8601 date representation. But last week the clocks changed, and all my code broke, because this representation doesn’t include the time zone. I want a DateTime object that will stringify to an ISO8601 date including a timezone. Shouldn’t be too hard. Let’s look at […]


Yay, I’ve released Yet Another Templating Language. This one is a perl implementation of TAL, which is a nice XML-based templating language I’ve been playing with recently. There are other (sort of) implementations, but I consider Template::TAL (a) closer to the spec, and (b) more abstracted – I can load templates from anywhere, not just […]

Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable 0.50

finally, I have a Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable release out. muttley’s been bugging me for weeks, and the last release was in June 2003, which is ridiculous. When you just use things straight from the svn repository, you forget how long it is since you’ve done a release. There’s a Bot::BasicBot 0.60 release to go along with it, with […]

photo gallery

All I want, and I don’t feel that this is a lot, is to be able to put photos on my web page from iPhoto. Because writing iPhoto plugins is a pain, this requires me to use either Flickr, which I don’t want to (because I’d like to control my own photos, please, and not […]

unit tests

Tests are a blessing and a curse. They are the developer’s friend – I can barely write code nowadays without a test suite. How else will I know when I’ve broken something? I’m very lazy – I can’t be bothered to manually run through every feature, or even to start up the web server (or […]

Writing recursive closures

I discovered the other day that you can do quite horrifying things with perl. A closure in perl is a nice concept – it’s a block that can reference things in the scope that it’s declared in, but that can be passed around and used in quite different scopes. For instance, suppose I wanted a […]

UTF8 Openguides

I foolishly offered to make OpenGuides UTF-8 safe. Because I don’t do that enough at work, or something. Anyway, it’s going quite well – because I did all the grunt work in CGI::Wiki a while ago, it’s just a matter of finding all the inputs and outputs and making sure they’re encoded properly. So far, […]

London Perl Workshop talk

I gave a talk today at the London Perl Workshop, brilliantly organised by a shadowy cabal of mysterious figures. Every talk I saw was great, to the point that the inevitable clashes with other talks that I wanted to see were really annoying, but fortunately everything was filmed, so presumably there’ll be video of the […]