Bad geotagged EXIF data off the iPhone

The iPhone camera geotags photos you take using it. This is a nice feature, and I like it. But if you use iPhoto to get your pictures off the camera, it breaks them. This file was pulled using Image Capture $ md5 Desktop/IMG_0115.JPG MD5 (Desktop/IMG_0115.JPG) = db9551d666e312dad10b01607b758bc1 $ exif Desktop/IMG_0115.JPG EXIF tags in ‘Desktop/IMG_0115.JPG’ (‘Motorola’ […]

Geolocated photos as a privacy risk

The new iPhone firmware geolocates all the photos you take. It asks your permission first, but not in a very good way – it’ll say something like ‘This app would like access to your location’. Say yes, and you’re putting your exact position into every photo you take. Put an incidental photo on flickr and […]

photo gallery

All I want, and I don’t feel that this is a lot, is to be able to put photos on my web page from iPhoto. Because writing iPhoto plugins is a pain, this requires me to use either Flickr, which I don’t want to (because I’d like to control my own photos, please, and not […]


flickr is annoyingly slick. I messed around for a few hours trying to learn enough php to parse the RSS feed or use their API or something to get a list of recent photos on the page here, then I realised that there’s a page that just does all the work for you. You need […]