Unread Count Tracking I wrote up my unread count sparkline generator code. It watches my various online services and tracks how many unread items I have in each. For instance, you can see that today I suddenly got a lot of unread items in my RSS reader. I blame the Economist. Having these graphs has […]


Finally, the 2lmc spool is live with the new improved php version of the code, as opposed to the mod-perl thing it was running on before. Not that I have anything against mod-perl, I use the thing professionally, but it does lead to somewhat large processes, and on the (very) shared box that the spool […]

photo gallery

All I want, and I don’t feel that this is a lot, is to be able to put photos on my web page from iPhoto. Because writing iPhoto plugins is a pain, this requires me to use either Flickr, which I don’t want to (because I’d like to control my own photos, please, and not […]