Automatically activating a Python virtualenv

I have a lot of different python projects in a lot of different directories, and like them all to have their own virtualenv. Because I can’t even be bothered to type a single line of code to activate them, I’ve ended up with this (slightly insane) setup: Every project folder has a ./venv/ which is […]

Hosting toy Rails and Django apps using Passenger

I like writing small self-contained applications, and I like writing then using nice high-level application frameworks like Django and Rails. Alas, I also like being able to run these services for the foreseeable future, and that’s a lot harder than writing them is. Running a single Rails or Django application consumes an appreciable chunk of […]

Things I learned at DJUGL

I went to DJUGL (pronounced ‘juggle’) yesterday, to watch tech talks and say hello to people. I learned the following things: (I know! Learning things! At a tech talk!) IPython, an improved Python shell. Does tab-completion, amonst other things. The Django ‘shell’ command will use it automatically if it’s installed. The SEND_BROKEN_LINK_EMAILS setting – sends mail to […]

Sanitising comments with Python

As is my wont, I’m in the middle of porting to another back-end. This time, I’m porting it back to the Django-based Python version (it’s been written in rails for a few months now). It’s grown a few more features, and one of them is somewhat smarter comment parsing. This being a vaguely technical blog, […]

Released a new EmusicR

I realised that the version of EmusicR (my Emusic download client) I’ve been using myself for months now wasn’t actually the released version. Oops. I’ve added Sparkle into it (mental note – write up how to do this in PyObjc, because it’s really easy and worth doing) and put up a new binary on it’s […]

A usable Shelf release

Right, Shelf has now reached version 0.0.6 – download it (there are newer versions out now – get those). It’s good enough that I’m running it full time now. Thanks to Mark Fowler, it can now pull clues from Firefox, which is a relief. I’ve also added Address Book and iChat support, although the iChat […]

DuckCall 0.0.3

DuckCall didn’t work work under Leopard. Noone really noticed, so I assume noone uses it. Which is probably a Good Thing. But if you were sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting for a compatibility release, you can now relax. is now available. It’s also 80k zipped, as opposed to the 3 megs of […]