NNW subscriptions

So I wanted to see which of my NNW () subscriptions were dead. And I wanted to get the hang of AppleScript. Right. set errorlog to "" tell application "NetNewsWire" repeat with check in subscriptions set err to error string of check as string if length of err > 1 then set errorlog to errorlog & […]

referrer and agent mixup

The blogging/RSS community has discovered HTTP headers actually have a defined purpose. Amazing. It’s like when they discovered that HTTP actually allows you to see if a page has changed since you last downloaded it and not get the whole thing. That was fun, too. Ok, that’s a little bit too bitter. But I can name […]


sharpreader – a windows RSS feed reader. Uses .NET, which is all the rage nowadays, apparently. It’s beautiful, easily the best RSS reader I’ve ever seen, and that includes the one I wrote :-). Proper OPML export / import (It’s amazing how meny readers get this wrong), the interface, although slightly hard to figure out makes […]