Unread Count Tracking I wrote up my unread count sparkline generator code. It watches my various online services and tracks how many unread items I have in each. For instance, you can see that today I suddenly got a lot of unread items in my RSS reader. I blame the Economist. Having these graphs has […]

Released a new EmusicR

I realised that the version of EmusicR (my Emusic download client) I’ve been using myself for months now wasn’t actually the released version. Oops. I’ve added Sparkle into it (mental note – write up how to do this in PyObjc, because it’s really easy and worth doing) and put up a new binary on it’s […]

Released Shelf 0.0.12

Another week, another Shelf release – this one is 0.0.12 – read the release notes or download the binary. Loads of stuff in this one, but muttley may like the fact that you can now turn off the background poller and have Shelf look for context only when you hit a global shortcut key. This […]

Released Shelf 0.0.11

So, I have a new release of Shelf, having finally been inspired to put a bit of effort into the scary refactorings I was putting off. It’s internally much better than the last one, though I still have places I can take it. Feature-wise, it’s only a little better, though. Feeds look nicer. It should […]