Yay, I’ve released Yet Another Templating Language. This one is a perl implementation of TAL, which is a nice XML-based templating language I’ve been playing with recently. There are other (sort of) implementations, but I consider Template::TAL (a) closer to the spec, and (b) more abstracted – I can load templates from anywhere, not just […]


Ah ha! I have a blogroll. Ph33r me. In other news, Template::Plugin::XML::Simple is really nifty. <p class="code"> [% USE blogroll = XML.Simple(‘/export/home/tomi/web/jerakeen.org/blogroll.opml’) %] &lt;p class=header&gt;blogroll&lt;/p&gt; &lt;p&gt; [% FOREACH section = blogroll.body.outline %] &lt;a href="[% section.htmlUrl %]"&gt;[% section.text %]&lt;/a&gt; [% UNLESS loop.last %]&lt;br /&gt;[% END %] [% END %] &lt;/p&gt;