renewing ACAccount credentials on iOS

An iOS 5/6 device can have system-level Twitter/Facebook accounts that become disassociated from the underlying service accounts. This means that the ACAccountStore framework will return you ACAccount objects that can be used to sign requests and get access tokens, but NONE OF THE REQUESTS WILL WORK and you’ll get MYSTERIOUS OAUTH ERRORS and LOTS OF […]

Programmable twitter clients

Dave Winer wants a programmable twitter client. Unix had a shell language. DOS had a batch language. Lotus 1-2-3 had its macro language. Emacs is a programming tool as much as it is a text editor. We have gotten out of the habit of making programmable end-user products, but they are still just as important […]

Twitter timeline

Yay twitter. You launch a small fun social chatter app. It falls over during WWDC, hillarity ensues. You gain an adorable downtime mascot! Next WWDC, you’re better, things stay up. Much handwaving happens about business models, never goes anywhere. Spammers arrive – you must be a real web service! Yay! US elections happen! Major political parties […]

Am I supposed to read all these twitters?

This morning I had to page back twice on to read all the tweets that had come in overnight. I don’t normally do this, normally I just read whatever twiteriffic gives me, and ignore everything else, but I was looking for a specific one. But am I expected to have read them? Are people […]