using utf-8 in irssi under screen

Firstly, tell your local terminal application that you want a utf-8 window. This is left to you, but under macos (which I use), right click the window, select ‘Window settings’, pick the ‘Display’ option from the drop-down, and pick utf-8 under ‘Character set encoding’. Next, when you start the screen session, pass the ‘-U’ flag. This […]

More UTF8 pain

Does no-one in the world care about non-ASCII characters? It’s pathetic. I’m trying to make HTML form uploads work for files with non-ASCII characters in their names, and I’m hitting the stupidest problems. The main bugbear is mozilla – you can’t upload files with wide characters in their names. At all. Piece of shit. Safari seems […]

UTF8 Openguides

I foolishly offered to make OpenGuides UTF-8 safe. Because I don’t do that enough at work, or something. Anyway, it’s going quite well – because I did all the grunt work in CGI::Wiki a while ago, it’s just a matter of finding all the inputs and outputs and making sure they’re encoded properly. So far, […]