UTF8 Openguides

I foolishly offered to make OpenGuides UTF-8 safe. Because I don’t do that enough at work, or something. Anyway, it’s going quite well – because I did all the grunt work in CGI::Wiki a while ago, it’s just a matter of finding all the inputs and outputs and making sure they’re encoded properly. So far, […]

Release Frenzy!

Had a bit of a release thing over the weekend, new versions of Bot::BasicBot, URI::Title, AudioFile::Identify::MusicBrainz were released, and I’ve also given the world URI::Find::Simple. Now I need a release of Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable to sync it up with Bot::BasicBot, and I have some german translations to integrate into CGI::Wiki::Kwiki. Insane, I tell you.


Well, in the end, rather than fold my code into CGI::Wiki and its example scripts, Kake has persuaded me to release the thing as an actual module. So, the world now has CGI::Wiki::Formatter::Kwiki and CGI::Wiki::Kwiki. I’m not sure about the name of the latter, but given that is was mostly written as a Kwiki importer […]