Tom Insam

Picture of me

I’ve been a full-time programmer for ten years now, and I know far too much about Unicode, Places, Time, People and all sorts of other things that are a total pain to work with. Previously, I’ve worked for Dopplr [acquired, now dead], where I wrote in Ruby, Fotango [now dead], where I wrote in Perl, Nokia in Berlin [still there, barely], where I wrote in Java and went to meetings, and Lanyrd [acquired, still active], where I wrote iPhone apps, did server-side web stuff, and made tea.

I’m currently employed by Eventbrite in San Francisco, where I write iPhone and Android apps. I’m not currently looking for work. When I go home, I tend to write web-based toys in Python and iPhone apps in Objective-C. I also noodle in JavaScript, particularly on the server-side, where I don’t have to worry about browsers.

I’ve just moved to San Francisco from London, and previously I lived in Berlin for a while, which was awesome, if a little cold in winter.

Contacting me

The usual/best way to get hold of me is my email address,

I actively use Lanyrd, Dopplr, Flickr, Twitter, linkedin, github, pinboard, google+ and (sometimes) Facebook.

I’ve been previously known as jerakeen on a lot of services, but I’m working on moving away from that now, in favour of my real name.

I have old/unused/boring accounts on Delicious, Flickr, Twitter, getsatisfaction and technorati.