Tom Insam

About me

Picture of my head

I've been a full-time programmer for some time now, and in that time I've developed enough understanding of concepts like Places, Calendars, Names, People, Strings and Numbers that I try to avoid working with any of them. I currently write iOS apps for Dropbox in San Francisco, and in the past I've lived in London and Berlin. When I go home, I've been known to write web-based toys in Python, and iPhone apps. I've been known to dabble in JavaScript, particularly on the server-side, where I don't have to worry about browsers.

In the past I've worked for Facebook where I was team lead on the Messenger Visual Messaging team, Eventbrite where I was in charge of the Android then iOS teams, Dopplr [acquired], where I wrote server stuff in Ruby, Fotango [defunct], where I wrote in Perl, Nokia Berlin [still there, sort of], where I wrote in Java and went to meetings, and Lanyrd [acquired], where I wrote iPhone apps, did server-side Python stuff, and made tea.

Contacting me

The usual/best way to get hold of me is my email address,, and you can see my resume here. (I'm not looking for work. It's just there for reference.) I'm also on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. You know. The internet.