Tom Insam

Picture of my head

I've been a full-time programmer for some time now, and in that time I've developed enough understanding of concepts like Places, Calendars, Names, People, Strings and Numbers that I try to avoid working with any of them. I currently write iOS and Android apps for Eventbrite in San Francisco, and in the past I've lived in London and Berlin. When I go home, I've been known to write web-based toys in Python, and iPhone apps. I've been known to dabble in JavaScript, particularly on the server-side, where I don't have to worry about browsers.

In the past I've worked for Dopplr [acquired], where I wrote in Ruby, Fotango [defunct], where I wrote in Perl, Nokia Berlin [still there, sort of], where I wrote in Java and went to meetings, and Lanyrd [acquired], where I wrote iPhone apps, did server-side web stuff, and made tea.

Contacting me

The usual/best way to get hold of me is my email address,, and you can see my resume here. I'm also on Twitter and Facebook.