New things are different from the old things

“This is my grandfather’s Apple Watch. He wore it every day of his life for 15.5 months.”

Owen Good

It is as if you are trying to build a cargo aircraft, and you insist that it should also lay eggs because it can fly. It is a flying machine, and it has wings and it flies, and you can even call it a “bird”. But aircraft are not actually birds, and the more bird-like you try to make them, the more you get in the way of the potential of the technology.

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Chromium vs Android

There are a couple reasons why we open activities launched from Chrome with NEW_TASK flag. The biggest reason is that it provides a much clearer user experience: the user sees the new app as a separate entry in recents — also, if we were to place a different application on top of Chrome activity, the Chrome icon may end up opening that application sitting on top of Chrome, which is fairly confusing for the user.

Bug 445956, wherein the Chromium developers consider the Android task metaphor too confusing for users and work around it.


Everyone at hot startups drinks a lot of coffee. But you can’t drink just any coffee. Nobody can drink just any coffee anymore and be taken seriously. (Except for those who proudly and intentionally do so. The key is doing it with intention. But you can’t just saunter up to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts and get a coffee and actually think it’s good.) And so five times in a row, Stewart stalks past the Starbucks at the corner of Second Street and Folsom. He’s looking for an independent cafe that is supposed to be… right around here… somewhere…

The Most Fascinating Profile You’ll Ever Read About a Guy and His Boring Startup | Business | WIRED


What we have now is an enemy of the state that’s just there, passively feeding off everything, working off the fact that all these data plumes are given off – exhaust that’s just exhaled as a matter of course as people go by their lives.

Dan Hon. You can’t go full-on data plume silent-running without opting out of 21st century social life, but give off too much and you’re feeding parasites. I wonder if there’s a compromise between the two, or if the demands of the former mean the latter isn’t escapable..

Doomed to Repeat It

The developer raises up the great sword of technology and brings it down upon the plinth of culture—and the sword shatters. But never mind; we can go back to the forge to make a bigger, better sword for retina displays. And as we craft it we whisper that eternal prayer for the comfort of list-makers: This time will be different.

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Free T-shirts

At the end of 1386, Jogaila returned to Vilnius to [..] convert the Grand Duchy to Catholicism. [..] New converts were baptized en masse, with little teaching, and were awarded wool shirts.

“People will do anything for a free t-shirt”, historical perspective edition. From
“Union of Krewo” on Wikipedia.