Tom Insam


Almost everything I work on myself lives in github. I work on a lot of things. Very few of them are finished. Most are dead, and I'm archiving them here. Here are my favorite things that still work.


Flame is a browser for Bonjour (also known as ZeroConf) network services. It lists the services advertised on your wireless network and you can browse them by server or by service type. When selecting a service, its advertised details are displayed. Flame has good apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac, and a lousy app for Android.

Dropbox tools

A collection of little utilities I'm building as and when I need them to fix things that are wrong with my Dropbox.


An Android Feedbin client / RSS reader. It's perfectly usable but I suspect there are a few syncing bugs in there somewhere. I work on it during the periods of my life that I carry an Android phone and therefore want to read RSS on it.


Image de-skewing for Android; basically I wanted skrwt for Android. Also a toy box for image manipulation and sharing techniques.