Tom Insam

Killed the spool today

Today, the spool died. We've been meaning to do this for a while - not living in the same house any more has severely curtailed the 2lmc bile-level, and it barely seems worth keeping up any more. Plus, I really want the memory back on the colo - it's a rails application, and not exactly frugal. I don't intend to let any links go stale - I'll bake the whole thing out to a tree of static pages and leave it up, I just don't need it to be dynamic any more.

We had good moments, and if they were more frequent, I'd leave the thing going. But because the spool was based on turning IRC chattery directly into postings, it required a very high level of active channel participation and anger. It didn't work unless there were two or three people in channel, awake, and paying attention. This was easy to guarantee when the rest of the house was on the sofa over there. It's much much harder now.

I did toy for a while with concepts for some sort of bile-condenser. Something that would let me take several minutes / hours of IRC-based conversation and condense it into a spool post might have worked. But the logistics are nasty - you have to log everything, edit it down when you think there's been a rant about something good, then get the approval of everyone involved that they're happy with the edited version. Paul talked me out of it. We're capable of ranting on our own little sites.

It led me to the realization that too much of my link-finding, musing and ranting goes into an IRC channel, where it's wasted on 2lmc. If more of my rambling was in the form of blog entries I'd feel that it was more worthwhile. But I'd get less feedback from 2lmc. Meh, they can just use the comment form.

13:12  * jerakeen tries to turn that into a blog post.