Tom Insam

The Jason Bourne of the 1940s

[Sam] Spade is a thoroughly modern man, fluent in all methods of modern communication, travel, and exchange. He moves around the city with ease using taxi cabs. He frequently communicates with his secretary and other characters via phone booths, organising his and their tasks and travel arrangements to maximise his chances of obtaining the falcon. When he finally gets his hands on it, he stashes it in a baggage claim terminal, and rather than keeping the ticket on his person he posts it to a remote mailbox that he has access to.


[Spade] successfully navigates the labyrinth of San Francisco – a complex, interconnected place – and is not only unfazed by the systems he is forced to interact with, but makes them an extension of his own abilities and exploits them to his advantage.

Found in the middle of "The City By The Bay" a piece otherwise about the use of stealth in computer games, and how it allows for a more complex type of world than the more normal "shoot people in the face" approach.

Anyway, it seems that Jason Bourne was not the first.