Tom Insam

Mac-like text editors

From a hacker news discussion:

As to the “not Mac-like enough” complaint, you can install the Soda theme ( to make it more so, and it’s configurable out the wazoo, so if there’s something you don’t like, you can probably fix it (and someone probably already has with a plugin). Just the existence of the package manager makes Sublime a better experience than most other text editors, because it’s insanely easy to add additional functionality as desired.

Perhaps the concept of “mac-like” isn’t a very clear one. But to me, it would entail (amongst other things) “not being configurable out the wazoo”. Mac software is just good, you don’t have to configure it to be good.

Of course, I use Sublime 2 myself. Easily the best text editor out there. The multi-cursor support alone would be enough to sell me on it.