Tom Insam

Dropbox Recovery Tools

A collection of little utilities I'm building as and when I need them to fix things that are wrong with my Dropbox. Dropbox is great and I could not live without it, but this is the Real World and things break.

Just to be clear - you should NOT use these tools without reading and understanding them. They're 30 lines of code each, and full of comments, but they perform potentially destructive changes to your Dropbox folder.

Something weird happened to a shared dropbox I'm part of, and lots of files became replaced by zero-length versions of themselves. Clearly this is annoying.

This script walks through the Dropbox folder, finds zero-length files, and recovers them to the first state in their history where they were not zero length.

This was my first tool. I managed to delete 18,000 files from the shared work Dropbox folder. Although in theory Dropbox lets you undelete files, in practice you need to do this one at a time. Not going to happen. This script will walk the remote Dropbox repository, and download the most recent version of any file that was deleted in the last 5 days into the recovery folder.


Get the tools from the Dropbox repository and run them. Make tea.