Tom Insam


DuckCall was a trivial little utility that I wrote once I realised that I
was getting a MacBook Pro, and it had a camera built into it. It updates your
iChat or Adium (requires version 1.3 or later) status picture with a shot
taken from the iSight evey 30 seconds.

It's very crude, and consists of a PyObjC wrapper round a
stand-alone binary (to get the picture from the iSight) and a bunch of
AppleScript (to set the picture into iChat / Adium) - there's no reason
for it to be written in Python at all, and it's far too large
as a result, but PyObjC is my 'crazy prototyping' environment
of choice.

Try it. You'll need to grab the source from github and build it yourself, though, and I have no idea if it still works. I wrote it a very long time ago.