Tom Insam


EmusicR is a (very trivial) download manager for emusic. Essentially, I was just too annoyed with the official emusic download manager and I wanted a small project that would let me play with the RubyCocoa that comes built-into Leopard.

It requires at least MacOS X 10.5 (though it may run under 10.4 if you install PyObjC first. Not sure, try it..). It's a universal binary.

This is an early first release - it represents about an afternoon's work, so unsurprisingly doesn't do a lot. But it's easily up to dogfood quality, and I now use it in preference to the 'real' download manager. It might have one major issue - it only understands .emx files. I think there are other file formats that emusic can supply (there used to be .emp files?), but I haven't gone into any great depth here. As and when I find a file that breaks, or someone can point me at one, I'll fix it.

Let me know in the comments if there's anything else broken.

Vague todo list:

  • When downloading albums, fetch and apply album art automatically (grr emusic for not selling me mp3s with art in them).
  • Fix the track total count part of the ID3 tags, so tracks are 'track 3 of 12' rather than just 'track 3'.
  • The app looks a little odd when you just run it - it opens no windows. I should open the prefs window so you have something to look at.
  • Any more suggestions?

You can find the source in my SVN repository at or just download one of the binaries below.