Flame for Mac

Flame is another take on Rendezvous BrowserPaul and I decided that grouping by service wasn’t particularly useful, frankly – we’d rather group by person / machine, and see all the machines on the local network, and the services that they were advertising.

It’s written in Python – once upon a time there was a version written in CamelBones, but it wasn’t very good, and so I used the re-write of it to learn Python and PyObjC, which is very slick indeed. It sat in my repository for waaay too long, and finally Paul and I have managed to get a release out the door. Flame 0.1 was released on 2005/03/09, and its official web page is hosted by Paul, because he’s better at these things than me. We expect the user interface to get a lot of polish in the future – in particular, the inspector is basically just a dump of the Service object state, and could be waaay nicer. But what the hell, we wanted feedback.



Flame is also available for the iPhone / iPod touch.

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Flame 0.2.2 – 2006/11/01

  • Fixed some bugs where services where being de-duped too enthusiastically
  • 0.2.2 has a Leopard-only build that uses the system PyObjC and Python, and so is much smaller. But it won’t work on anything other than Leopard.

Flame 0.2.1

  • Added a beautiful icon from Dario Villanueva
  • Flame is now a Universal Binary

Flame 0.2

  • We remove hosts with no listed services a few seconds after a rescan, to prevent empty host entries hanging around when you change network locations, or someone unplugs a machine.
  • Added a couple more recognised services, mostly to do with the Airport Express.

Flame 0.1

  • First release. displays hosts on the local network. Not really any ‘changes’, per-se.