Tom Insam


mod_tt is an apache handler that processes Template Toolkit templates natively in the apache server without the configuration overhead of a full mod_perl and Apache::Template install. Template::ModTT (this module) is the perl interface to the mod_tt hander available to you when running under mod_tt.

There's a snapshot tarball available here.

This is a very early development version. Development is ongoing in the SVN repository - it may even work. It compiles on most things I've tried, but I get occasional weird failures, and as you may be able to tell from the module, my C isn't up to an awful lot. Plus, all documentation everywhere sucks.

There are some very simple examples in examples (that's a subversion repository, not a working example of mod_tt, by the way)- the only one that's even slightly interesting will be which does very simple cookie getting and setting. More examples will be forthcoming, I just want a release out so I feel that I'm doing something worthwhile here, and hoepfully so people will tell me what i'm doing wrong.


Standard perl module stuff:

perl Build.PL
./Build test
sudo ./Build install

Once it's installed, the following line in httpd.conf somewhere should make things work:

AddHandler tt-script .tt