Tom Insam


PythonDaap is a (under development) DAAP client implemented in Python, and based on PyTunes by Davyd Madeley.

It's got a primitive object model that can download individual tracks, and has playlist support. I have a command-line shell similar to itshell (I also called mine itshell, just to be confusing), and it's all quite usable. Note that, because of the endless ratchetting of the amount of crypto needed to talk to iTunes, this is best off considered a client that will only talk to open-source linux servers such as daapd.

Development copies of the code can be found in the repository here.

Known users of PythonDaap:

  • Elisa is an OpenGL based cross-platform media center solution
  • fusedaap mounts iTunes shares as filesystems under linux
  • LSongs - 'The Ultimate All-in-One Digital Music Player for Linux!'
  • Exaile - Exaile is a music player aiming to be similar to KDE's Amarok, but for GTK+ and written in Python

Known packages of PythonDaap: