Tom Insam


simplenote-html is a read-only HTML/JavaScript client for simplenote, written because I wanted to be able to read my notes on my Android phone, and I couldn't be bothered to write a real Java application for it. It stores the contents of your notes in local storage, so it's fast, and it'll poll for changes, and once I get the manifest working it'll work offline and be bookmarkable on your iphone home screen if you're into that sort of thing.

Caveats - it's experimental. It's read-only - you can't change notes yet, this represents an afternoon of work, not a real project. I don't really care about the ability to edit notes, 80% of my use case is just reading things I've written on the desktop.

Most importantly, because of HTML and cross-domain stuff being what it is, all requests made my this app go to MY server, and I proxy them to the simplenote server. This means that (a) I might be logging your password (I'm not, but you can't prove that), and (b) it all goes over HTTP because I don't have an HTTPS certificate, so someone else can sniff your password.


You can mail me at if you have questions / hints / patches.