Tom Insam


An IRC opbot written in perl.

slavorg was an opbot for, writen by our very own davorg. And lo, it was good. But in the nature of all good things, there were problems. It was patched to understand voice as well as ops and it was patched to do multi-channelness. But noone could figure out how the hell to stop it opping just about everyone in the channel after every netsplit. And this was annoying. And it would only op people when they joined. And didn't deal with not having ops very will. And other, bad, things.

Onto this backdrop I present slavorg2, based on PoCo::IRC, and capable of restraining itself a little. It'll also notice people aren't opped and op them when it's opped, or spoken to, or other people join, or any one of a number of things - essentially, it Does The Right Thing more than slavorg did. Almost all the time, in fact.

The slavorg source is available here for the curious.

Brief overview of features:

  • Won't op people who are already opped. Same for voiced.
  • Will combine ops into one command if possible in most circumstances
  • reconnects to the box if it loses the connection.
  • per-channel trust and op lists, as well as 'everywhere' lists
  • safe to put >1 bot in a channel without multiple-op events.