Chromium vs Android

There are a couple reasons why we open activities launched from Chrome with NEW_TASK flag. The biggest reason is that it provides a much clearer user experience: the user sees the new app as a separate entry in recents — also, if we were to place a different application on top of Chrome activity, the […]

Programmatically adding a PagerTabStrip or PagerTitleStrip to a ViewPager on Android

The Lanyrd Android app does the majority of its layout programatically, because the views are described by a JSON file sent from the server. There aren’t a lot of resources on how to build a set of swipe-able views with a PagerTabStrip programmatically, so here’s what I’m doing: pager = new ViewPager(context); // ViewPagers must […]

Things about Google+

Some thoughts about Google+. First the simple one. I understand / appreciate Twitter’s simplicity a lot more now. It only does one thing. You don’t need to keep track of notifications and posts and tags and checkins and comments. You just read the timeline till you get bored or catch up. Secondly, on an Android […]

Notification slide-downs

Android The pull-down is a progressive reveal: when it’s half-way out, you see the top half, which is probably where the stuff you care about is. iOS 5 The pull-down slides the view into place: when it’s half-way out, you see the bottom half, which will be blank if you only have a couple of […]

OS release schedules

Google delays Honeycomb tablet OS; what if that was Apple Can you imagine if it were Apple delaying a software release. What would the press say if Apple admitted it took shortcuts with its OS to keep up with Google and now they couldn’t release it? The press would have a field day with that […]

What Are Tablets For? · The trade-off is obvious. You win because you can show a bigger picture, which is important, and you lose because it just won’t fit in many pockets, which is important. It’ll go in most purses, though. – ongoing by Tim Bray · Galaxy Tab Tim thinks tablets are big phones, […]

Links on iPhone and Android

Pages that have caused some sort of emotional response in me. There’s a bias here towards things complaining about App Store policies, because they annoy me, but there’s the odd pro-Apple piece in there as well; they might count as balance. They’re listed in the order I came across them. I may add to the […]

Android / HTML Simplenote client

Recently I’ve been bouncing back and forth a lot between Android and iPhone, both platforms now having multiple aspects that I like and multiple aspects that annoy me. In an effort to remove one of the major problems with Android, I’ve written myself a mobile HTML Simplenote client so I can read my notes when […]